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Q Area of Law

Corporate Law


My passion has always been getting high-growth businesses — whether start-ups or emerging public companies — to the next level. I have done this by balancing my passion for entrepreneurship and law, especially strategy and tacticianry.

I am also a co-founder of Abrahams LLP–a boutique law firm where I am now the Chairman–responsible for strategic direction of the firm while also consulting selectively on specialized securities, corporate finance and M&A matters. During my career, I have been fortunate to be honoured as a “Top 40 Under 40” professional (by Top 100 Magazine) while also being invited to speak or teach at various professional development courses as a recognized thought-leader in my space. My experience includes advising technology (and other) companies of all stripes in the raising of funds and corporate transactions. I have represented clients on everything from going-public transactions (i.e. initial public offerings, reverse takeovers, qualifying transactions), governance and compliance matters (on-going disclosure and dealing with securities commissions and stock exchanges) to venture capital financings and public company mergers & acquisitions. I also routinely lead the set-up of private equity, real estate and mortgage investment entities (including limited partnerships and mortgage investment corporations). I also sit on the Board of various entities including listed public companies and not-for-profits and have had the privilege of co-founding a number of high-growth enterprises.

In short, I am a C-suite technology executive with a securities law/M&A background that has a passion for building transformative businesses. As you can probably gather, while I am very proud of my legal skillset, I consider myself an *entrepreneur* who *happens* to be an experienced lawyer.

Lastly: I’m told I have a particular talent for turning all aspects of life into a sports metaphor or analogy.

Contact Details:

Mujir Muneeruddin

Pallett Valo LLP | Partner

Direct Dial/Fax: 4169000304

Email: mujir@pallettvalo.com