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Q Area of Law

Family Law

Mahvish H. Mian is the founder and owner of Magnolia Family Law Professional Corporation. Mahvish has been practicing in the area of family law for about a decade. She began her career as a federal crown attorney, prosecuting drug crimes, but she soon realized there was an integral piece missing in order for her work to have meaning – a direct relationship with clients.

Mahvish’s ability to empathize with her clients allows her to form an immediate and lasting rapport with them. She understands that when clients initially come to her, they are overwhelmed with uncertainty and require realistic advice and guidance in navigating a daunting system that often fails to account for nuances and subtleties in one’s circumstances. Mahvish takes the time to guide her clients through the process, so that they can fully understand their options and make informed decisions. She conducts a cost-benefit analysis at every stage so that her clients understand both the financial and emotional costs related to their chosen course of action. Mahvish values open and regular communication with her clients, so they feel confident that they are being kept apprised of their matters.

Mahvish has experience in both family mediation as well as collaborative family law, processes that allow clients to craft creative, meaningful and longer-lasting resolutions. This is why Mahvish focuses so heavily on alternative forms of dispute resolution, that only involve the court system to the extent required, if at all. It is possible to finalize a family law dispute with your finances, your mental health and your children’s well-being intact. Mahvish believes in devoting time and resources in the early stages of a family law matter through skilled negotiations on the key issues to reach an early settlement, rather than allowing the process to get to the point of trial, by which time clients and their counsel have already lost.

If what you seek is an efficient and cost-effective resolution to your family law matter and a lawyer who will help you remain focused on the major issues throughout the process, please call us to set up a complimentary half hour consultation.